Transfer Council

The Transfer Council is charged with the development, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of transfer student programming to improve the transfer student experience at UNI.

Current Membership:

Kenneth Atkinson, CSBS

Tim Bakula, Financial Aid

Olivia Ballhagen, Transfer Admission

Kim Bock, Advising

Juan Castillo, CHAS

Karen Cunningham, Cont. Ed

Terri Crumley, Admissions

Amelia Holden-McMurray, UR

Michelle Holland, COE

Chiquita Loveless, Mil/Vet Services

Kristin Moser, Co-chair

Linda Reardon-Lowry, CHAS

Colby Reinking, COE

Paul Sapp, Transfer Admission

Chris Shaw, Dept of Technology

Elisabeth Soliz, CBA

Lori VanHooreweghe, Advising

Megan Vogt-Kostner, IR

Danielle Weide, Transfer Admission

Kristin Woods, Co-chair