Student Academic Appeals Board

The Student Academic Appeals Board responds to student academic appeals according to procedures outlined for the redress of undergraduate and graduate student grievances in the University Policies and Procedures Manual. With the revision of UNI Policy 12.01, this committee supersedes the Graduate Student Academic Appeals Board (fall 2012). No term limits.

Current Membership

Name Position
Term Expires

Suzanne Freedman

College of Education


Tim Weih

College of Education


Ben Schafer

College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences


Matthew Weedman

College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences


Shahina Amin

College of Business


Russell Guay

College of Business


Cathy DeSoto

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences


Seth Brown

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences





At Large:



Shoshanna Coon



Ann Bradfield






Student Members:











Patrick Pease

Academic Affairs



NOTE: The Associate Provost for Academic Affairs is ex officio. The Committee on Committees will hold elections each year to create a pool of ten faculty who can serve as appeal board members in the event a student files a grievance appeal with the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. The pool shall consist of two faculty representatives who have been duly elected by and from the graduate instructional faculty of each undergraduate college and two representatives who have been elected at large. Faculty members are initially elected for a three-year term and may be elected for additional terms. The faculty members shall be tenured at the rank of assistant professor or higher. The Chair of the Board shall be elected annually from among the pool of ten elected faculty members.

UNI Policy 12.01 Student Academic Grievance -