Residence Classification Review Committee


The Residence Classification Review Committee reviews decisions made by the Registrar or the Director of Admissions pertaining to the residence classification of individual students, if a student appeals such a decision.  The decision of the committee will be considered final from the perspective of the University, though the committee’s decision may be appealed to the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

Iowa law (Iowa Code §262.9.24) requires the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, to adopt a policy for establishment of tuition rates that provide some predictability for assessing and anticipating changes.  The rules for classification of a student as a resident or nonresident for tuition and fee purposes are found in the 681 Iowa Administrative Code 1.4.  Those rules include general residency guidelines and state that a university review committee will be established to hear appeals dealing with residency classification.


The committee is comprised of seven voting members, each of which is appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs.  The voting members represent each of the four undergraduate colleges and the offices of Business Operations, Dean of Students and Student Financial Aid.  The representative from the office of the Registrar shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio and will chair the committee.  Members serve until replaced.


The committee meets as needed and is convened by the Registrar’s representative.

Current Membership:
Representative, Business Operations
Representative, Student Financial Aid
Representative, Dean of Students
Representative, College of Business Administration
Representative, College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences
Representative, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Representative, College of Education
Representative, Registrar (non-voting, ex-officio, chair)