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Professional & Scientific Position Evaluation Committee

The Professional and Scientific (P&S) Position Evaluation Committee is responsible for reviewing proposed new and revised point ratings for positions covered by the P&S Policies and Procedures. The committee will act on requests from Human Resource Services (HRS), the department head, or an individual occupying a P&S position.

The committee is composed of four voting members who hold annual appointment assignments exempt from the University P&S Personnel Policies and Procedures and are named by the division vice presidents. The committee meets on the call of the Director of HRS who serves as an ex-officio member and chairperson of the committee.

Current Membership:



Carol Petersen

Director of Dining Services

Dennis Lindner

Director, ITS-Information Systems

Noreen Hermansen

Vice President Foundation

Gary Shontz


Michelle Byers

Director, Human Resource Services, Ex-Officio