Diversity & Inclusion Council


The Diversity Council is responsible for providing the leadership and coordination necessary to achieve the diversity-related goals of the University of Northern Iowa.  The Council is appointed by and reports to the President; updates the President quarterly; and reports annually to the President and the University community.  To ensure university-wide participation in planning, policy formation and program development, the Council will form and charge a Diversity Advisory Committee, and will appoint its chair.

Responsibility for chairing the Diversity Council is determined by the President.  The current chair is the Vice President for Student Affairs.


Serving on the Diversity Council are the three vice presidents, the president of the UNI Foundation, the chair of the Diversity Advisory Committee, a student appointed by the president of NISG, and two additional faculty or staff members appointed by the President.


The Council meets monthly during the academic year.

Current Membership:

Jim Wohlpart

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Michael Hager

Senior Vice President for Administration and Financial Services

Jan Hanish

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Lisa Baronio

Vice President for University Advancement

Lisa Thomas

Faculty or Staff appointed by President

Inez Murtha

Faculty or Staff appointed by President

Gabriela Olivares

Diversity Fellow

Melanie Majeed

NISG Director of Diversity and Student Life

Stephanie Logan

Asst Prof, Chair Diversity Advisory Committee

Gwenne Berry

Chief Diversity Officer