Disability Advisory and Advocacy Committee


The Disability Advisory and Advocacy Committee is a university committee responsible for advising the President's Executive Management Team on matters related to campus accessibility and the provision of disability services to students, faculty and staff and, more specifically, advising the departments of Student Disability Services and Human Resource Services on disability-related matters.  Further, the Committee advocates for students, staff and faculty with disabilities; raises awareness of disability as a civil rights and diversity issue; and promotes collaboration between relevant service providers on campus.


The Committee members represent student programs, colleges, and units directly involved in addressing disability issues.  The individuals responsible for provision of disability services to students and employees are appointed ex officio (non-voting).  The campus-based representative of Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services is appointed ex officio (non-voting).  The committee reports to the President through the Vice President for Student Affairs and appointments are made by the President, based on the recommendations provided by units as described below.  Members serve until they are replaced. The committee chair is appointed by the President.

Preference in making appointments will be given to faculty and staff who have particular research interest or content knowledge about matters pertaining to individuals with disabilities.


The Committee meets monthly and at the call of the co-chairs.


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