Commencement Committee


The Commencement Committee arranges the commencement ceremonies. The committee is responsible to the President.


The membership of the committee shall consist of the Registrar, seven faculty and staff members appointed by the President from a list of twelve nominated by the Committee on Committees, and three students appointed by Northern Iowa Student Government.


The Commencement Committee shall meet at the call of the Registrar.

Current Membership

Phil Patton, Chair


Gretta Berghammer

Faculty - CHAS

Jay Edelnant

Faculty - CHAS

William Henninger

Faculty - CSBS

Nicki Zumbach-Harken

Faculty - CHAS

Rowena Tan

Faculty - CSBS

John Vallentine

Faculty - CHAS

Hunter Flesch

NISG President

Avery Johnson

NISG Vice President

Trent Ames

Dome Operations 

Keith Kennedy

Production House 

Amy Mohr

Alumni Office 

Kristen Soppe

Registrar's Office 

Marissa Timmerman

Registrar's Office

Mary Baumann, Associate Registrar

Ex-Officio, Office of the Registrar

Patti Rust, Senior Associate Registrar

Ex-Officio, Office of the Registrar