Budget Advisory Committee


The University Budget Advisory Committee provides advice to the President on broad practices, policies and procedures involving the construction and implementation of the university’s budget to support the attainment of UNI’s Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan Goals and affirm UNI’s commitments to accountability and transparency.  The Committee reviews parameters and circumstances that may impact the University budget, including but not limited to enrollment, state appropriations, regulatory changes, etc.; reviews and analyzes various sources of University revenue; studies the impact of trends and developments on revenue sources, expenses and budgetary investments; and provides broad recommendations on the general fund budget, auxiliary budgets, quasi-auxiliary budgets and other units within the institution.

University's Budget Principles:
  • Focus on student success and INVEST in the long-term health of the university. The unifying goal of our strategic plan is Student Success. We are dedicated to making decisions that focus on the success of our students, those who are here now and those who will come in the future. Decisions we make today have long-reaching impacts on future students and our university. We recognize that budget decisions are always an investment in the future of our university.

  • Honor our processes with shared governance and with bargaining units. We value the relationships we've built across our campus to create a culture of collaborative leadership and decision-making through our shared governance and bargaining processes.

  • Ensure transparency and inclusion of ideas. We are stronger and better able to make long-term decisions by working together to find solutions to the challenges we face.

  • Ensure investments, reductions and reallocations are strategic. Our commitment to student success and investing in the long-term health of our university implies that we are committed to strategic investments. This means we will not make easy—by which we mean opportunistic or across-the-board—decisions, but instead make the investments, reductions and reallocations that have the greatest overall impact on our current and future students and that will assure the continued excellence of the University of Northern Iowa into the future.

Current Membership:
Patrick Pease

Office of the Provost, Committee Chair

Katie Milne

Assistant Director, Student Success & Retention

Tom Hesse

Philosophy & World Religions

Tim Kidd


John Burnight

Faculty Senate Chair

Linda Reardon-Lowry

Academic Advisor (Biology)

Michele Mullings-Shand

Research and Sponsored Programs

Katie Ledtje

Career Services

Ann Crawford


Tammy Hook

School of Music

Dawn Larsen

Learning Center

Sam Caughron

Freshman, Public Administration Major (CSBS Rep)

Ben Daumueller

Senior, Business Administration Major (COB)