Program Vitality Committee

(no term limit) The Program Vitality Committee is responsible for developing and monitoring a set of measurable metrics to monitor the health of programs (majors and departments) at the university. The goal is to examine trends and give early warning to areas which show problems, and also identify programs in need of more resources. The committee will report to the faculty senate on an annual basis and also notify departments and faculty in those departments if the metrics indicate any troubles or need for more resources. When selected for the committee, members need to be a member of the body listed below, but can remain on the committee if their term expires in the source committee before their term expires in the Program Vitality Committee. 

Andy AndersonCB
Colin WeeksCHAS
Rob BoodyCOE
Kim MacLinCSBS
Suzanne RiehlUCC
Darcie Davis-GageGraduate Council
Administrative Members:
Patrick PeaseAssociate Provost for Academic Affairs
Leslie WilsonCB
Maureen ClaytonCHAS
Colleen MulhollandCOE
Bill HenningerCSBS
Benjamin ForsythEducator Preparation
Ex-officio Faculty Members:
Jim MattinglyChair of the Faculty
Ex-officio Administrative Members:
Kristin MoserAssistant to President, Institutional Effectiveness & Planning