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Undergraduate Advising Council to the Provost

Current Membership:




Deirdre Heistad

Chair Director, Undergraduate Studies

Julia Bullard

Instructor, School of Music College of Humanities, Arts & Science

Stacia Eggers

​Assistant Athletic Director/Academic Services, Athletics Administration

Michelle Holland

Academic Advisor, School of Kinesiology, Allied Health & Human Services

Lisa Jepsen

Associate Dean & Professor, College of Business Administration

David Marchesani

Director, Office of Academic Advising

Inez Murtha

Director, Academic Learning Center

Michele Peck

Assistant Director / Advising Development, Office of Academic Advising

Nageswara Posinasetti

Professor, Department of Technology College of Humanities Arts and Sciences

Gayle Rhineberger-Dunn

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Michelle Swanson

Instructor, School of Music College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences

Kristin Woods

Director, Student Success & Retention

Raquel Zuniga

Retention & Academic Advisor, College of Education Student Advising