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Honorary Degrees Committee

The Committee on Honorary Degrees is responsible for soliciting suggestions and nominations for recipients of honorary degrees and for submitting recommendations to the President of the University. The Committee membership includes members of the faculty including each of the five undergraduate colleges (selected as each College determines), the Vice President and Provost or designee, the Executive Assistant to the President/Director of External Relations or designee, and the Dean of the Graduate College, who serves as Chairperson.

Current Membership:



Sarah Rosol-Clark

College of Business Administration

Deb Tidwell

College of Education

Jeremy Schraffenberger

College of Humanities and Fine Arts / CHAS

Brian Townsend

College of Natural Sciences / CHAS

Donald Gaff

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Jennifer Yarrow

Assistant to the President

Patrick Pease, Chair

Interim Associate Provost for Academic Affairs & Graduate College Dean