University Faculty Senate Budget Committee

(3yr*): Develops University Faculty Senate positions on university budget issues



Term Expires:

Becky Hawbaker


2020 (1)

Jeff Elbert


2019 (1)

Susan Moore


2020 (1)

James Mattingly, Senate Vice-Chair


The Faculty Senate Budget Committee shall inform the Senate about UNI’s
budget and finances and assess how UNI’s budget priorities affect academic
programs. In doing so, it shall consider as appropriate internal and external events
that affect the University’s resources and priorities. It shall develop and maintain
budgetary expertise among its members.

The committee shall issue a report to the Senate no later than October 1 of each
academic year, and may, at any other time as it deems appropriate, report to the
Senate regarding any matter within its charge. The committee shall provide other
reports or information to the Senate at the Senate’s request.

The committee shall consist of four members elected by the Senate after a
campus-wide solicitation of nominees and one member appointed by the Senate
chair. Members shall serve rotating three year terms.

The charge of the committee shall expire at the close of the Spring 2015 semester
unless renewed by the Senate.