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Facilities Planning Advisory Committee

The committee is advisory to the Cabinet, and all members have voting rights. Committee members are expected to act to benefit the University as a whole and make recommendations consistent with the University's Strategic Plan.

The Cabinet seeks broad-based and timely advice in areas such as space utilization, land use, campus development, capital program requests, pedestrian and vehicle access, parking, campus beautification, and related issues. The committee is charged with providing advice regarding these areas.

Committee members are appointed for a four-year term and may be reappointed for one additional term. The Facilities Planning Director serves as chair.

Current Membership:




Karen Breitbach 

Faculty Senate

Eric Lange 

Council of Dept. Heads

Carol Petersen 

Education and Student Services

Brend Bass

Academic Affairs Council

Eric O'Brien 

Administration and Finance

Chris Edginton 

Faculty Senate

Dwight Watson 

Academic Affairs Council

Tori Hurst

Northern Iowa Student Government

Paul Andersen

Northern Iowa Student Goverment

Christopher Denison

Division of Student Affairs

Jim Jermie

University Advancement

DeWayne Purdy

University Advancement

Phil Simpson, Chair