Committee on University Research

The function of the Committee on University Research is to stimulate faculty research and creative activity. This includes reviewing proposed UNI Summer Fellowship projects and making appropriate recommendations for funding either an Eight-Week Fellowship or a Four-Week Fellowship.

The committee, chaired by the Associate Graduate Dean for Faculty Scholarship (ex-officio), consists of two members from each of the five undergraduate colleges. The members of this committee shall be appointed by the Deans of the undergraduate colleges and be impaneled for a two-year term. They shall be representative of faculty who have been sound practicing researchers and creative artists and who have a substantial record of publication and creative scholarship to their credit.

Current Membership:
Committee MemberCollegeTerm ExpiresPhoneMail Code
Radhi Al-MabukEducation20193-2609 0607
Mohammed RawwasBusiness Administration20183-69460126
Joyce MilambilingHumanities & Fine Arts20193-60990502 
Pavel LukashevNatural Sciences20193-2420 0150 
Keith CrewSocial & Behavioral Sciences20183-21430513
Deborah TidwellEducation20193-29830612
Dennis ClaysonBusiness Administration20193-6015 0126
Sergey GolitsynskiyHumanities & Fine Arts20183-26800139
Rukmini Srikant RevuruNatural Sciences20193-29090178
Anne WoodrickSocial & Behavioral Sciences20183-63750513

Gabriela Olivares
Interim Associate Dean

Graduate College, Chair