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Committee for Competitive Scholarship Mentoring

The Provost’s Committee for Competitive Scholarship Mentoring provides advice and oversight for undergraduates seeking nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. Working with faculty and administrators, the committee will 1) promote scholarship and fellowship opportunities to the campus community; 2) identify undergraduate students who possess the appropriate qualifications and commitment to be competitive candidates; 3) mentor candidates throughout the preparation, application and interview processes. The committee will recommend students to the President and/or Provost for University-sponsored applications.

The Provost’s Committee for Competitive Scholarship Mentoring is made up of one representative from each of the University Colleges appointed by the Provost, the Director of the University Honors Program, the NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative, and the Director of the Classic Upward Bound Program.

Name (last,first)DepartmentTerm Expires
John, BurnightPhilosophy & World Religion/CHASFall 2019 (2)
Machen, EmilyHistory/CSBSFall 2019 (1)
Montgomery, SarahCOEFall 2018 (1)
Neuhaus, EllenLibraryFall 2017 (1)
Sebree, JoshuaChemistry & Biochemistry/CHASFall 2018 (1)
Moon, JessicaDirector, University Honors Program
Stokes, JeffFinance, CBAFall 2017 (2)
Asmus, HeatherAcademic Advising & Career Services
Schipper, AmyAdmissions