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Academic Affairs Council

The Academic Affairs Council advises the Provost on academic matters, including policy, programs, budget and personnel.

Current Membership:

Jim Wohlpart

Interim President

Kavita Dhanwada

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs/Dean Graduate College SRL 20 32518

Nancy Cobb

Associate Provost for Faculty SRL 20 32519

Phil Plourde

Executive Director, International Programs MAU 113 33217

Marty Mark

Chief Information Officer ITT 117 33202

Matthew Kroeger

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management GIL 102J 32347

Leslie Wilson

Dean, College of Business Administration BUS 325 36240

Victoria Robinson

Associate Vice President for Educator Preparation BAR 1095 33070

John Fritch

Dean, College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences CAC 266 32585/32725

Brenda Bass

Interim Provost & Execcutive Vice President SRL 20 32517

Kent Johnson

Dean, Continuing Education and Special Programs CEEE 32121

Chris Cox

Dean, Rod Library LIB 211 32737

Pat Woelber

Administrative Assistant

Eric O'Brien

Director, Sustainability CEEE 111 37207 

Deidre Heistad

Director, Undergraduate Studies LIB 380 32633

Kristin Moser

Director, Institutional Research & Effectiveness SRL 104 33050

Tolif Hunt

Director, Research and Sponsored Programs EBAR 213 33217

Robert Smith

Executive Director, Educational Opportunity Program & Special Community Services DPT 34772

Gaëtane Jean-Marie 

Dean, College of Education BCS 113 32717

Philip Patton 

University Registrar GIL 115 32244

Joyce Morrow 

Director, Financial Aid GIL 105 32701

Kara Hadley-Shakya 

Director, Admissions GIL 2 32281

Patrick Peace

Interim Dean, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences SAB 319 32221